What Is A Trash Bin Washing Service?

Have You Just Found Out About Trash Can Cleaning Services and Are You Wondering What Exactly It Is?

Curbside trash bin cleaning and sanitizing service is gaining momentum across the United States and really all of North America. If you've made it to this page then you've probably recently found out about this incredible service available to home owners and businesses and want to know more about it.

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of trying to take out your trash bins and they were dirty and smelly (and who hasn't), then you can understand why someone would want to hire a local curbside trash washing service.

You may have even been brave enough to try and clean your pails yourself using a hose or pressure washer. Inevitably, you realized this is much harder than it looks. Or, at least, it's not something you prefer to do since the dirty water and germs will splash up and go over the place including on you!

This is where curbside trash bin cleaning comes into play. Specially designed trash bin cleaning equipment will come directly to your home or business and conveniently wash you pails or dumpsters while they're empty. Unlike trying to use a hose or power washer to do it yourself, professional trash can cleaning services have specially designed equipment for exactly this purpose.

On the day of your cleaning, a large truck (similar to a garbage truck) or a pickup truck towing a trailer will show up at your home or residence. Both types of vehicles are equipped with one or two mechanical arms that will lift your bins off of the ground. Before that though, the operator will spray the outside of the bin using a power washer. A power washer is very different from your run-of-the-mill pressure washer. Both devices use water to clean. Power washers though, heat the water which will help kill any bacteria and germs. These power washers heat the water to around 190-230° Fahrenheit.

Once the trash bin or bins are lifted up in the air, a specially designed system will aggressively clean the inside of the bins using 360° rotating heads that also use heated water. This process quickly gets into every nook and cranny of your filthy pails to remove dirt and kill any germs and bacteria.

Professional curbside bin cleaning companies also use environmentally safe chemicals that obviously clean and disinfect the pails, but are safe for the environment.

Your trash can washing professional will then spray your bins with an pleasant smelling odor neutralizer leaving the bins looking and smelling great.

Lastly, your locally owned curbside bin cleaning business will take away any of the dirty or grey water to properly dispose of it at a local facility.

This website is a great resource for learning more about this convenient service and also for locating a locally owned trash bin washing company.